Precast Concrete & GFRC Solutions


Why choose Precast, GFRC, or GFRG from Ravacast?

Precast, GFRC, and GFRG products are fast becoming the preferred choice of masons, architects, general contractors, and homeowners due to the quality, versatility and durability allowed in the creation and lifespan of the product. All three materials are visually identical, so a project which requires a combination will not differ in appearance or quality.

Ravacast manufactures a comprehensive selection of precast, GFRC, and GFRG products for residential and commercial applications, and has been working with these mediums since 2002.

Our traditional cast stone and lightweight cast stone products (GFRC/GFRG) consist of high-quality aggregates, sand, and cement (or plaster), which are exceptionally resistant to corrosion and weathering. Ravacast uses integral color in all of its products (not a stain or top coating) to achieve a long-lasting, consistent appearance.

In addition, our fabrication team embraces strict quality control guidelines to ensure that the final product is delivered on schedule and inline with our client’s expectations.


 Ravacast team member creates the positive for a custom mold.

Ravacast team member creates the positive for a custom mold.

Custom Orders

Our team of in-house mold-makers and casting specialists are capable of bringing any architectural precast design to life. Ravacast's custom products can be manufactured to match a detail shown on your plans or a custom design that we've created specifically for you. In both cases, clients receive comprehensive, detailed shop drawings to help them envision the finished product.

Ravacast's custom precast concrete and GFRC products are also a great solution for reproducing existing cast stone items or replacing material that has been damaged over time.

Standard Orders

While all of Ravacast's cast stone products are made-to-order (MTO), selecting styles from our standard product library will be your best option for saving time and money. Due to Ravacast's unique method of mold-making, many of our items can be fabricated to accommodate your desired dimensions without requiring custom molds and the associated costs that go with them.

Some popular architectural precast concrete & GFRC products include:

• Wall Caps
• Pier Caps
• Pavers
• Pool Coping
• Steps
• Door & Window Casing
• Window Sills

• Custom Entryway Surrounds
• Balustrade Systems
• GFRC Columns
• GFRC Fireplace Mantels & Surrounds
• Fireplace Hearths
• Architectural GFRC Panels
• Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

 Business card-sized color & finish samples made of solid precast concrete.

Business card-sized color & finish samples made of solid precast concrete.

All of Ravacast’s products are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes to choose from. GFRC and custom color samples available upon request.